Keratin Treatment FAQs

At Lim's Salon and Spa, we use Cezanne™ Keratin Smoothing Treatments to transform frizzy and unmanageable hair to be soft, smooth, and silky. However, if you are new to keratin treatments, you might have a few questions, to which we have the answers!

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What is keratin?
The body naturally makes the protein keratin which is what hair, nails, and skin are made up of. It is a protective protein that is less susceptible to scratching or tearing than other types of cells your body produces.  

What is keratin treatment? 
Traditional keratin treatment is also sometimes called a Brazilian blowout or Brazilian keratin treatment. It is a chemical procedure that makes your hair straighter, for as long as 6 months. It reduces frizz and adds a glossy shine to the hair.  

What are the benefits of keratin treatments?  
There are many benefits of keratin treatments as it will provide your hair with a silky and glossy finish by smoothing the cells that overlap to form the hair strands and making it less frizzy. This treatment also temporarily bonds the hair back together which reduces the look of split ends and stimulate faster hair growth because the ends are not breaking off.  
After having this hair treatment, post-maintenance recommended tips are important to following as it will help keep the hair looking great for a longer period of time. When styling your hair, heat styles will react to your hair by drying it more quickly, thus reducing drying time by more than half. The option to air-dry your hair can be better utilized as well which can further strengthen and make your hair healthier by using less heat.  




Are keratin treatments safe?  
Traditional keratin treatments use the chemical formaldehyde which is a carcinogen that potentially causes respiratory problems if exposed to it frequently. They are also a short-term solution to managing frizzy or curly hair.  

Do you do traditional keratin treatments on your clients?  
We use Cezanne™ Keratin Smoothing Treatments on our clients which are formaldehyde-free, transformational, long-lasting salon treatments that bring hair to its ideal, healthiest, most beautiful condition without damaging the hair or using dangerous chemicals.  
The treatments offer results lasting from 4 weeks to 6 months and provide options to either love your frizz-free curl or frizz-free smooth. 

How do traditional and Cezanne™ treatment procedures differ?  

Traditional keratin treatments coat your hair cuticles by sitting on the surface level of the hair strands. After letting the solution sit for 20 minutes, your hair will get blow-dried and methodically flat-ironed in order to straighten the hair texture and completely eliminate the frizz.  
In comparison, smoothing treatments are formaldehyde-free and deeply permeate the cortex of your hair in order to smooth the hair. This process also requires leave-in time, blow-drying, and flat-ironing. However, this formula is not as potent and will offer the flat-ironed straight hair look.  



Can I curl my hair after Cezanne? 
Yes! Although Cezanne delivers similar results as formaldehyde-based smoothing treatments, it does not make your hair flat and still allows you to curl and add volume. 

Is it safe if I'm pregnant or breastfeeding?  
Cezanne™ Keratin Smoothing Treatments contains no formaldehyde, carcinogens or dangerous chemicals. However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding and decide to get this treatment or use these products, check with your physician for a professional recommendation first. 

For post-treatment maintenance, Cezanne offers a wide range of products to ensure the duration of the treatment and provide hair health benefits. 

Please contact me for further concerns or questions you might have, otherwise book your appointment today!