Neutral Mask

Neutral Mask

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Hair restructuring mask for all kind of hair. Gives color protection and shining. Its white pigment is useful for lightening all the other pigmented masks to create the customized product for your client.


Add the quantity of Neutral Mask to lighten all the other pigmented masks in order to obtain the desired nuance. Towel-dry the hair after shampooing, wear gloves and apply the mask using a brush distributing well on lengths and ends.

Leave on for 5-20 minutes depending on the effect desired and the type of hair. Rinse thoroughly.

100% Natural Mediterranean Pigments:

Apple extract, Lemon Peel powder, Grape skin extract and Gardenia Fruit extract.

 Vegetal Keratin

Based on soy & wheat amino acids, increases hair strength and elasticity, makes hair look more shiny & healthy, improves protective ability, aids in damage recovery, reduces static & frizz.

Prickly Pear extract:

Promotes anti-aging, nourishment and soothing